hello?!? brain, are you there?

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my beautiful new olympus c-765 arrived in the mail yesterday. i was so excited! i called my neighbour and asked her if she would put it inside for me. i didn’t want someone to see it, and take it.

i got home, charged the battery, and 2 hours later i was ready to take pictures. hmm. what to take pictures of? i wanted to take pictures of the pretty bougainvillea that is growning up the oak tree across the street. but it was too dark.

i tried to take pictures of daisy, but to my dismay, she refused to look at me, or the camera.

so this morning, i took my camera on my walk. i took a picture of bear, marley and daisy playing. i took pictures of that bougainvillea. i even took a picture of my monitor.

happily, i installed the software. i was thinking that maybe i would start a photo blog.

then, tragedy. sheer horror. did i remember to bring the usb cable? did i? NO. it is sitting at home, in the box the camera came in. what was i thinking? what? who knows.

photo entry tonight. let me see if i can remember to bring the software home.

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  1. I HATE that. I forget to bring my cable to work all the time, and that’s where I do my entries, grrr.

  2. Oh, I can’t wait to see the pictures.
    Enjoy your new camera!