my brain fails me again.

my month old new purse.  i got it at the clarks store.  it goes very well with the black and white flip-flops i got in vacaville while i was shopping with my dad and his wife.  you know you love, i changed purses this morning. i used the red, white and blue le sportsac purse yesterday because it holds a ton, and i knew i’d be going to the library at lunch.

because i have a lunch date, and i’m wearing black, i decided to change to the new uber cute black and white daisy bag. i transfered my wallet, my gum, my lipstick, my badge, and my new camera… did i transfer the stupid cable? NO.

ok, so i need a card reader at work. i’m going to have to break down a buy one. i’m getting irritated with myself with this forgetful behaviour.


  1. I had to buy a reader for home as well… I have never got any clue where that bloody cable is.

  2. OOH. DOes that store have an online order option? I want that purse. NOW.

  3. That purse is gorgeous! I love it!

    I’m with Zoot. Can you order it online? smile

  4. Love the bag!

  5. I love the purse.. So cute and perfect for the summer!!