Daisy asks me questions!

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I think I’m supposed to offer to ask others questions now. Bring it on people! Thanks Daisy!

You’ve just moved into a new home… what do you miss most about your previous home?

I miss Brendan, Tess and Kayla. I also miss Carol and Sue. I really only miss the people. And the dishwasher. I miss the dishwasher. The one at the new house sucks. Tell me about the very first love of your life and the lessons that it taught you.

The first love of my life. That’s hard. Do I tell you about my first crush, or the first man I said “I love you” to? I’m going to pick Matt Riley. My first just about everything. I was just 17. Matt really wanted to date me. I don’t know why. I was kinda seeing this other guy who was way too young for me. Matt asked me out, I said yes. We dated the last semester of my senior year in high school. We both really enjoyed theatre, and were in the drama club. We both were cast in 12 Angry Jurors and the Silver Whistle.

He was a junior, I was a senior. But then I was the youngest senior in the class, and if I remember correctly, he was an old junior. He had a warm smile, and blue eyes, as I remember. He called me “pudge,” which I hated with a passion.

Matt’s parents hated me. I think it was because I was a bad influence. At least they thought so. I had a car, I was older, I wanted to spend every waking minute with him. Go figure. I was a 17 year old girl.

I learned from this relationship that if the parents don’t like you, the relationship isn’t going to work. I also learned that long distances aren’t good for relationships. When I went away to college everything fell apart. There are other things, but these two are key.

Obviously you are an animal lover since you named your website after your dog. How many animals have you had? What made each special to you?

Really, I’ve only had 3 dogs. Rapunzel, who was our dog when I was very little. She had to be put to sleep because she bit another child. I don’t really remember her.

Then there was Pete. My grandfather bought Pete for my sister and I when I was 12. He lived with us for 12 years. He was the best dog. He was 12 pounds. He liked to sit in the recliner with you, in the crook of your arm. Pete loved to eat the mail. We always had mail slots, and when the mail man put the mail through the slot, Pete would put teeth marks in every letter. It was the funniest thing.

Daisy, of course, is my dog now. I’ve had her since 1997. She is the funniest thing. She isn’t very trusing, doesn’t like to snuggle and eats cat poop. All enduring qualities. Daisy is very intune to my feelings. She knows when I’m having a hard time, when I’m happy, and she always acts accordingly. Lately, she has taken to kissing me goodnight. I really like that.

Daisy has the same coloring that Pete had. I thought they looked simular when I got Daisy. I was wrong. They look nothing alike.

Is there someone in your life that no matter what you do they drive you insane? Why?

My sisters ex-husband. David is so anal. OH MY GOD. I love him, but damn, get that man on a subject, and the doesn’t stop. He always means well, but he beats things into the ground until you think there couldn’t be anything more to talk about… Then he continues. And, he is a Republician.

Where would you live if you had the choice to live absolutely anywhere. Why?

I would be in Ireland. I think actually on the Aran Islands. Life seems so peaceful there. Women sit around and knit the days away. They have brown bread and butter for breakfast. The air is clear and you can see the stars at night. There are ruins to explore everywhere. People actually listen to what you say. It’s lovely.

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