NO! NO! NO! yes!

While we were on vacation, we were always looking for fun things that we could all enjoy. When we saw the signs for Ben Nevis, and gondola and ropes course, we said “awesome! something for the whole family.”

We found out when we got there that there was really only time for us to do one thing. The gondola ride or the ropes course. John and I really wanted to do the gondola. Sean wanted the ropes course. So, of course, we did the ropes course. Or Sean did the ropes course. It’s not really our thing.

When we took our ticket over to the ropes course, it was decided that Sean would do the Barn Owl course. It was 6 meters off the ground, Sean would be strapped in with a harness, and connected to a tether above him.  There were some parts that were super easy for him, and others that were really challenging.  We were beyond proud that he just got up there and did it.  Our kid is amazing!

At the end, the was allowed to jump from a ledge 11 meters off the ground.  When he got almost 1/2 way there, he stopped.  He said I want to come down.  John and I told him that he had to do it.  Just keep going.  That’s when the bribing started.  £5, £10, then the final bribe…  A teddy bear.

Up he climbed.  And jumped.  As if it was nothing.  His landing was not so graceful, so he said he was going to do it again.  Up he climbed, and jumped right off.  Not a care in the world.  He is amazing!  So brave, so fearless.

The stash busting continues with this LO.  I don’t even know where the paper came from, as I had already chopped off the company name.  Oh well.  One piece of flair, and two kinds of thickers.  That’s it.  That’s all.  What is funny is that I started off on a plain piece of cardstock.  It was so obvious that something was wrong.  Even though I use textured cardstock, it really needed some texture.  I went searching through my stacks of cardstock…  I was looking for some American Crafts paper with trees that I thought I had.  And then this popped out.  It went well with the black framing I had done, and it gave me that texture I was looking for, without being too busy.  I was so very happy to find it.  It really completed the LO.

Just in case you are interested…  Here is the video of Sean jumping.  It is so funny![KGVID][/KGVID]

A little about Ben Nevis.  It’s the highest peak in the British Isles, at 4,409 feet above sea level.  We were on the north face of Aonach Mor.  The gondola is the only of it’s kind in Britian, and goes up 2150 feet.  I’m still really sad about the gondola.  Apparently Led Zeppelin did something up there too.  John told us that after we got home.  Let me tell you.  Talk about beautiful country.  It was amazing.


  1. omg i was laughing so hard during the video. the way he was yapping “no,” like a little puppy dog haha! and then, “a real teddie bear,” hahaha!

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