Climbing the Lions at Nelson’s Column

Picking stories to scrapbook from our trip has been tough. There are so many to choose from, and there are so many types.  There are big stories, like jumping from 11 meters, and little stories like this one…  This day was so busy.  We visited the Memorial to the London Fire in the morning.  Hopped on the off and off bus.  Visited the biggest bookstore in London.  Walked to the National Portrait Gallery (where the two paintings I wanted to see were NOT there).  Got back on the off and on bus going the wrong direction…

It was at that point we decided to do something really touristy.  We took pictures in front of Nelson’s Column.  And then Sean decided to be independent and took off to climb the monument.  Next thing I know, we are taking a million pictures of Sean climbing the lions.

It’s so interesting to think about Sean right now, and Sean just less than 2 months ago, and all of last year.  He climbs.  EVERYTHING.  One of the things I’ve been hearing about ADHD kids is that they climb, almost everything, no matter how inappropriate.  That is my boy.

Now, there were TONS of people climbing this monument.  Then, John joined in.  I should have too…  But I didn’t want to hurt myself.  I was already sick with a cold at this point, and grateful that my back wasn’t hurting me.


I went looking for paper for yesterdays LO.  When I was doing so, I found this London Calling paper by Studio Calico.  Isn’t it perfect?  I looked at everything on white, cream, gray, and kraft…  Don’t you know it, kraft worked the best…  And it kind of makes sense when you think about how dirty it is in that square.  Trafalgar Square is quite gross actually.  I added two kinds of thickers, a piece of flair I found at the Prime Meridian and then 4 enamel dots and a Teresa Collins brad I had laying around…  Bam!  Another story bites the dust.

Are you scrapping big or small stories?  I’d love to hear about it!


  1. enjoying the storytelling in your posts, and how you make your choices about what to use in your lo’s.

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