BB6 is 2 episodes in, and I’ve not said a word?!?

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Ok, so I’ve been watching. Tuesday night, I was thinking how easily the girls were being manipulated. I don’t know why it made sense to all of them to immediately kick out a girl, and that there wouldn’t be a boys alliance… but hello?!? Those girls need to get a clue, and quick!

Now, I’m kinda wishing that Jennifer had been put up on the block, and they took Kaysar off. I’m not sure I really like any of them yet. Zoot (it’s her b-day today, happy birthday Zoot) and I were discussing that she thinks she might like Howie. After seeing him preening in the mirrors, I’m not sure he is a good one. I really do like Beau. He so reminds me of Marcellas. I just adore Marcellas. Seriously. Shut UP.

And, I’ve finally remembered that House Calls is back on the air… You know, it looks like it is on EVERY DAY! I don’t remember that it was on every day last year! So exciting!

I don’t know why, but I’m wishing that I had someone around to chat about it…

So tomorrow, I will be on aim. daisydo. aim me. SERIOUSLY. Lets talk about the fact that Ashlea is going to be on House Calls… And who her partner was.

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