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What happens at 3:00 am

So, Sean has been sick.  He had this fever that spiked at 104, but stayed around 102 for most of the week.  Last night the fever broke about 9:00 pm.  At 3:00 am, Sean awoke, and wanted mommy to hold him and help him sleep.  John tried to do this for him, but no avail.  I got up, rocked him back to sleep, and then went to put him back in his crib.  Yeah right.  He cried some more, and then I said to myself, the fever is gone, why are John and I playing these night-night games? Back in the … [Read more...]

Almost a week…

It’s been almost a week since Daisy’s passing.  You know, life has just gone on.  It’s really weird.  John and I take care of Sean and then we go to bed. I miss her clicking nails on the hard wood floor, waking me up at 2 am because she needed a drink.  I miss her prancing around at 7 because she needed her insulin.  I miss her coming into the bathroom after my shower, licking the water off my legs.  I miss her greeting me at the door when I come home, and jumping on me.  I miss her needing … [Read more...]

Daisy Do - February 1997 - April 15, 2009

It’s really hard to watch your baby get old.  For Daisy, it started with going blind.  I think she had some vision, but what she had left didn’t even allow her to go for walks.  She would get spooked by bushes and trees.  My runner stopped running.  She would come out to the front yard, and where last summer she would run down the street looking for cat poop in the neighbours yard, this weekend she just went to the driveway, and turned around and went back … [Read more...]