That picture thing, Revealed, continued…

Lori commented: Oh Goodie…my turn!

Well, naturally I’m going to have to see the Big Toe on your left foot now. You can even adobe on some fake nail polish if you like wink

I’d like to see where Daisy Sleeps

and the space where you store all of your knitting supplies, yarns, etc. This is where Daisy sleepsI admit it, Daisy sleeps in bed with me. It has been a problem in the past. Certain ex boyfriends have not understood it, or even liked it. At that point, Daisy sleeps on blankets on the floor. I have bought her beds in the past. She really doesn’t prefer them. She really thinks she is a person and thus she should sleep on the bed with me, or on the couch (her end is the end with the back cusion). She has her sides, and she switches without consulting me. You know, in that sense, she is worse than a man. At least a man is consistant.

Gwen's knitting cornerThis is where I keep my living room knitting projects. I like that they are close by so that I can just open things up and see what I have going on. There is a whole craft closet upstairs where I keep more yarn, my sewing supplies, scrapbooking supplies, etc. It’s a mess up there, so I’m just going to show you this. On one of the shelves, I keep all my knitting magazines and books. I try to keep all my yarn not in use on one shelf, and then all the projects are in individual bags. I think I need a new system for projects. I like the individual bag idea, but I wish they were clear so I could see which project it was without looking in the bag, you know?

Gwen's big toe on her left footYou know, I didn’t realize how much I needed a pedicure until I started editing this image for the web. Hmm. Well, I need a pedicure. I normally have red polish on my toes. This color is a bit “berry” for me. I’ve not liked it since I picked it out in the store. I have a little mole on my left big toe. I think it’s cute.


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  1. Ha!  I love that daisy sleeps with you.

    True story:  at bunko the other week, this woman has a four poster custom made bed with a canopy no less.

  2. Not quite sure why but this toe pic cracks me up.

  3. Oh my, what a cute bog toe you have!

  4. Oh, my what a cute big toe you have!