Archives for October 8, 2004

More CDX with Lisa!

Ms. Lisa and I have very simular tastes in music so I'm always excited to see what she comes up with for CDX. This time I've heard that MFZ did not help Ms. Lisa with her cover. She did the art work by herself. I really like it. The skull has a piece of sheet music inside. It's very cleaver. The cd label matches the cover (my favorite way to do things), and the back cover is just plain with text. I like it. Now the music Ms. Lisa used is awesome. Most I haven't heard before, but I've … [Read more...]

Christmas music

I've done the unthinkable... I've purchased 4 cd's of Christmas music. You know, it really wasn't my fault. Mr. Tucker did it. I sent him a harmless email about picking a cd burner up at Fry's for me. He writes back about Christmas music. Now, I've been looking at Christmas music for a few weeks. I even decided to get some free from BMG. But after this banter about what I have, I went on Amazon and purchased 4 cds. I know, it is absolutely wrong, it really is. Granted, they are all … [Read more...]