Archives for October 5, 2004

CDX 2004: Here come some reviews!

I'm going to start showing you some of the awesome cd's I recieved from CDX 2004. I'm going to start with The Man From Zeno (from now on MFZ because the other is really too long to type, he is also formerly known as Astrofiend). {I have to give MFZ his props here. I have forgotten to give him credit for several songs I used on my entry this year. He went beyond the call of duty to get those songs to me, and then he even gave me some new music by artists I didn't know just for fun. I think … [Read more...]

Fly, be free!

So this morning was like just about every other morning. I got up, walked Daisy and made sure I had everything I needed for work. I then packed everything up and went to go work out. I had an excellent workout. I was going really fast, I had my eighty's blend volume three going on my ipod, and I got to watch the skull cap boy working out just steps from me. I really couldn't ask for more. Then I took my shower, dried my hair... and realized the unthinkable. I forgot my bra. I know, I … [Read more...]