Archives for October 26, 2004

Steeling bandwidth

So, I've rented a laptop from the student union. I insisted that it had a wireless card. I'm sitting here tonight steeling one of my neighbours wireless connection. I'm such a bad neighbour. I think it is the doctor on the one side of me. But it could be the kids on the other side... Maybe it is my neighbour in the back whom I share movies with. Who knows. I think I might be feeling bad. Nah. … [Read more...]

A busy knitting weekend

So we all know that I was sick for the past two weeks. While I was sick, I decided that I should start getting ready for Christmas. I know, it's not even halloween, but hell, I was laying on the couch, wanting to be busy, but unable to do much. So, I picked up my knitting needles and started by finishing things that I needed to finish. I finished that green cable knit turtle neck sweater I was working on. Then I finished this uber cute poncho (a gift for my friend Anne's child Emily). … [Read more...]