Archives for October 25, 2004

My shirt got lucky!

I'm writing this, hoping Cindy will leave what really happened in the comments. What I know is this... I let Cindy borrow one of my most favorite shirts after the R.E.M. concert because she was going to Vegas and had nothing sexy to wear. I told her she could borrow the shirt I had worn to work that day. It's a wrap style shirt with lots of rushing in the front. It's got a cream background with peach and brown flowers all over. It covers a multitude of sins, and with a push-up bra, you are … [Read more...]

It’s a ghost…  It’s not a ghost, but it’s white!

Last night, I took Daisy out for her evening walk about 6. She had been asking for quite some time, but I was ignoring her. So, imagine my surprize when I saw this in the next door neighbours front yard! At first I thought it was a cat... Then, it hopped. I knew it was a bunny, and it was afraid of Daisy. I figured I'd take Daisy for her walk, and it would be gone. Someone must be looking for it. Daisy and I went for our long walk, and low and behold, our bunny friend was still out … [Read more...]