Archives for March 10, 2005

10 things I’ve done that you haven’t

I saw this over at, Cinamion thought it was a good one, do do I. So... 1. Worked at See's Candies over a period of 6 months, and got away with wearing pig tails every day. 2. … [Read more...]

My Secret Pal LOVES Me!

I am such a lucky girl. My secret pal gift came today. I was so excited when I drove up... There was this package sticking out of my mail box! I waited to open it until after Daisy had her walk. I even got an box today, and I opened it before my SP4 gift. I really wanted to take my time, and enjoy my package. So, opened the box and pulled out this lovely bag! I've been feeling like I need more friends as of late, so the saying is just right! "Plant a Seed of Friendship, Reap … [Read more...]

Harvesting eggs

So, today in Daily Candy (well the dedicated email for SF Daily Candy), the topic was harvesting your eggs and saving them for the future. It's interesting that this is the topic after last nights innuendos. I've been going back and forth on the child thing for years. But in the end, I always hoped that I would find the right guy for me, and dropped it. With all the babies in my group of friends right now, it's really hard to deny that I'd like child... Miss Lisa told me last night I should … [Read more...]