Archives for March 9, 2005

The Surf Coasters

This weekend the Surf Coasters are coming to San Jose. My friend, the Man from Zeno, made this awesome poster for the event up at Bottom of the Hill. He is really excited about the shows... Including the free show at Streetlight on Sunday afternoon. He asked if I would like to join the festivities, including a pasta dinner before the Blank Club show. Tonight I confirmed all the details. Not really sure Miss Lisa is going to join us, but I think I'm going to go. It sounds pretty fun. MfZ … [Read more...]

Daisy asks me questions!

I think I'm supposed to offer to ask others questions now. Bring it on people! Thanks Daisy! You've just moved into a new home... what do you miss most about your previous home? I miss Brendan, Tess and Kayla. I also miss Carol and Sue. I really only miss the people. And the dishwasher. I miss the dishwasher. The one at the new house sucks. Tell me about the very first love of your life and the lessons that it taught you. The first love of my life. That's hard. Do I tell you about … [Read more...]

New to me knitting mag!

So, I get this email from Stitch Diva, saying how nice it was to meet me at Stitches West. Hmm. Do I remember meeting anyone? Who knows. Anyway, I perused the site and saw this logo down at the bottom... What is this I see? A new online knitting source for patterns? A Canadian Knitty! OH MY GOD! You know what they have a pattern for? Restraints. I know you don't believe me... I didn't believe it myself. I need to make these restraints. NEED to make them in a major way. Oh my god … [Read more...]