Archives for March 8, 2005

Little House on the Prairie, revisited?

So, today I'm out looking around trying to figure out what happened to Life As We Know it on ABC. I pretty much think it's cancelled, but I'm not sure. Too bad. It was a really good show. What I actually found was that ABC is putting out a new Little House on the Prairie. I'm really not sure how I feel about this. I grew up with Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon. I've seen every episode more than once. I am even tempted to buy the entire series on DVD. Now, I know they are not remaking … [Read more...]

Secret Pals…

I'm so excited! My secret pal sent my March package yesterday. I LOVE my secret pal. LOVE her. She is the bestest secret pal EVER! I have been having a hard time reading the person I've been sending things to. I sent out her package yesterday, as well. I really hope she likes it. She is out of the US. Boy howdy, I didn't think I would mind sending something out of the country, but it's starting to get pricey. It costs $20 just to mail her packages. Next time, I'm going to ask for a US … [Read more...]

Today’s song

Today's Song... Enjoy! remember, right click, save as. … [Read more...]