LOAD514 – Day Two, Remember Sleepovers

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Scrapbook Layout of Gwen and Marilyn around 1982For Day 2, Lain prompted us to talk about our childhood bedrooms…  I can’t remember anything about my bedroom…  What I did remember, were my slumber parties!

There were many sleepovers, I loved sleepovers and we had the perfect house for them.  The house on Grand Traverse Street had two staircases, one grand one in the front, and then a servants staircase in the back.  There were 3 stories, well, two stories and a full basement.  The house had a laundry shoot, that went from the second floor to the basement, and the clothes landed in a closet so that you didn’t have to look at the dirty laundry.  There was a sun porch on the second floor (which was a joke as there were like 11 oak trees on the tiny property and it never got sun).

The year I turned 13, I hosted my last sleepover.  It was a BLAST.  So many friends…  Really, everyone I knew.  I so wished there was a photo of us all.  I don’t even remember everyone who was there anymore.  We watched MTv, ate cookie dough, played hide and go seek…  There were card games and snacks, stories, and dreams.  Talk of boys and our futures.  Mine included leaving Flint within 2 months.

I remember it being one of the best parties I ever hosted, and people talked about it for weeks afterward.  It was a great way to turn 13.  I’m so glad I didn’t try to come up with a memory of a bedroom.

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