Archives for May 30, 2014

LOAD514 – Day Thirty, Matching Lives

Today we talked about special spaces.  I have no special places.  I do have great memories of the house on Grand Traverse Street, and the AWESOME closets.  But trying to find pictures of these closets would be the death of me, because, well, seriously, who takes pictures of closets. So, I had this LO sitting in my crafting area needing to be finished. One thing that I remember most about being little is that Marilyn and I always matched.  We had matching clothes, matching slippers, … [Read more...]

LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Nine, $1.25 Breakfast

Food...  I love food.  Today's prompt was all about our favorite foods...  I have lots of happy food memories from my childhood...  Mom's spaghetti & flank steak, Mom's cookies & pies, Vernors, Halo Burger...  And I was going to go there.  Then I remembered my Grandpa Dapper's love of a cheap breakfast.  Every town we went to with him, we had to find the cheap breakfast. When we lived in Troy, there was a breakfast place that he ate at most every day with my mom.  Their breakfast, … [Read more...]