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LOAD514 – Day Four, Jessie Pins

For LOAD Day 4 the prompt was "Dear Santa." Let me tell you... I just finished 3 months of working on my December Daily. I love Santa. I have loved Santa forever. I am rarely one to run from a Santa LO. But this time I was like, please doG no, not Santa. But then I thought about it. Someone who is important to me is Jessie. She is an awesome character from Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. I've loved her for years... And I collect her pins! A LOAD LO was conceived. I have lots of pictures of me … [Read more...]

National Scrapbook Day 2014

Now... NSD started on Friday night and lasted through Sunday at 5. I completed 17 LO's. I'm beyond proud. Three of the LO's are featured for LOAD.  The rest are pictured here.. I'm not going to describe all stories. Most of it is recent. I'm just so glad that the stories are down on paper. … [Read more...]