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LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Four, AOII

It's Past Time Saturday...  And School Spirit!  Hmm.  I didn't really do much with school spirit...  I did theatre.  But, with 4 high schools, it was really difficult to have much school spirit. But, I have a story around being in my sorority.  There is much more to this story...  But, getting into a sorority was so important to me.  I don't know why.  But, I really wanted that sisterhood. I went into my photos, and found some great photos from Presents.  This is the day when the house … [Read more...]

LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Three, Do you know, I love you so?

Today's prompt was the playground.  I thought about the playground.  I did.  There are tons of slides of Marilyn and I at the playground when we were young.  Tons.  But, I thought park, and then I thought of the second trip that John and I went on.  We went to Yosemite. I got so carsick.  It was crazy how carsick I was getting there.  The turns made me feel like I had to barf.  Ugg.  Then, I was sick.  It was just a cold, but I felt like ca-ca.  When we got there, they had the reservation … [Read more...]