LOAD514 – Day Three, Boxing Day

Scrapbook LO of Bob and Gwenna Spillet, and RoystonFor Day 3 of LOAD, our theme was “Mom, I’m board.” I remember playing board games, but I remember much more Boxing Day parties at the Spillets, where HUGE groups of people would sit around a seemingly HUGE card table (remember I was 4 – 12 here) and play UNO. Yep, Uno. Not a board game, but who cares!

We laughed so hard, and some one was always being picked on, even from someone who was sitting across the table. I remember that sometimes the parents played, but sometimes they didn’t. I always liked it when the parents played. More picking on happened that way. Games would go on for hours because someone would always forget to say “Uno!”

This was a hard LO to do, not because of the pictures… My dad actually labeled one of the 100’s of slide boxes Spillets Party… Bob died recently, and Gwenna is not well. Royston is trying hard to keep it together for her, but it’s not going as well as it could be for him. I also remembered everyone thought he and I would get married. You can tell that I kinda liked him. I think I was too young for him.

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