LOAD514 – Day Ten, a peek into Daddy’s World

Scrapbook LO of me and a camera circa 1976Today’s prompt.  The telephone.  Yep, the telephone.  Is that what I did?  Nope.  Is that what I planned to do?  Yep.  I was trying hard to find a photo of me and a telephone.  It didn’t happen.

I’ve got 1000’s of slides from my childhood that are sitting in a box in my family room.  My dad marked a few of the boxes.  I swore there was a photo of me on the phone…  I spent 3 hours looking for it, while I wrote descriptions on the slide boxes.  I never found the photo.

What I did find was this one, with me behind the camera.  It brought on a FLOOD of feelings about my dad.  That camera was stolen when I was young, and he replaced it with a different camera.  A few years back, he gave me the exact replacement of this camera.  I thought it was crazy, as I had no memory of it.

It wasn’t until today, looking at 100’s of slides of me (and not nearly as many of my sister), that I realized what that camera meant to my dad, and our relationship.  I cried a lot tonight.

Thanks, to a prompt that I didn’t even do.  :)  I guess this is what LOAD is all about.

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