LOAD514 – Day Twelve, just too small…

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Scrapbook LO of Sean learning to ride a bicycle.Today’s prompt…  Seeds of the future.  Hmph.  I thought about this all day long.  Really I did.  I did a LO about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  There are no pictures of me crafting, of me with dolls, of me doing much of anything…  Unless I was with a camera, which I talked about yesterday.

So, at 8:00pm last night, I was sitting on the couch, with a very nice headache.  I got up, went to my desk, and held up two pictures.  One was Sean at Disneyland with Pluto.  The other with Sean and John in the front yard, trying to ride his too small bike.  John picked the bike.

This bike has a huge story.  Just over three years ago, John and I bought this bike for Sean at a garage sale.  It was $30.  At the time it was a great buy for us.  And he rode it all the time.

As the years passed, we watched his peers take off the training wheels and ride their own bikes.  Sean was never comfortable without the extra wheels.  We tried just one training wheel.  We took them both off…  Nothing.  He couldn’t ride.  This day, in March, I said, Sean I think you can ride a bike.  I took the training wheels off and we went outside.  Sean could ride a few feet, and then he would fall.  Watching how close his knees were to the handle bars, I just knew…  It was time for a new bike.  The very next Saturday, we went to the bike store to figure out what size bike he would need.  He jumped on a bike, and immediately started to ride.  It was crazy.  Just crazy.  No pictures, just a video to share.  Enjoy.  And, yes, I’m crying.  So what.

Sean Rides a Bike

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