LOAD514 – Day Fourteen, Bye-Bye Wiggly Tooth

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Scrapbook LO of Sean's Missing ToothMy goodness…  Sometimes I love the prompts, sometimes no.  Today, it was “sick day.”  Now, I’ve done sick day LOs.  I did my mom sick.  I’ve done me sick.  I’ve done my son taking his allergy meds in the bathtub.  And, honestly, I did more than one December Daily page of me sick.  I’m not really feeling sick.  So, bye-bye sick day, hello wiggly tooth!

May 14, 2014 my son lost his first tooth.  It has been “wiggly” for almost 6 weeks.  The big boy tooth was already as tall as his baby teeth, just in the back, waiting to push that baby tooth out of the way.  I tell you…  I have no idea where my boy is.  I look at these pictures from yesterday, and I don’t see my baby anymore.  I see this grown up kid with grown up teeth.

I remember when he stopped being a baby.  I remember when he stopped being a toddler.  Now, he is no longer a preschooler.  He will be in the first grade in the fall, complete with grown up teeth, and wearing a size 8 pants.  Damn.  I’m really not ready for this.  I’m really not.

Photo of Sean's hand with $5 US coinsFor those who are interested… Here is what the tooth fairy left for Sean last night. I think he was happy.

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