LOAD514 – Day Fifteen, It’s A Dorothy Hamill

Scrapbook LO Gwen's Dorothy Hamill Haircut in 1977Today’s prompt was fashion victim.  For this prompt, I thought about fashion.  I really did.  But for the last LOAD past perfect, I did a LO of my sister and I on Christmas Day in 1972 showing off all of our outfits that we received.  It’s a cute LO.  I’ll take a picture of it for you later.

Today, I decided to use this photo of me the day I got my Dorothy Hamill hair cut.  It’s interesting.  There are two photos of me here.  The first is me on the phone with my long hair.  The second photo of me was 2 frames later with the new hair cut. I’m sure my dad came home from work (or it was a Saturday), and took my photo because it was such a drastic change.

Boy, I don’t know who thought this was a good idea.  Dang, I look so young, and honestly, fluffy (I’m not fat, I’m fluffy).  Granted, I was 9 or 10 at the time.  I was young.  And it was a HOT hair cut.  Lots of people had it.  I remember being in the chair, and the girl trying to comb out the HUGE rat’s nest at the nape of my neck.  At that point, both my mom and the other hair dresser said don’t bother, just cut it out.  I’m not sure I really wanted my hair cut off.  I seem to remember saying I’d rather get combed out.  But, I’m pretty sure it was my mom’s decision to chop it off.  I can tell you it was never that short again…  Except for a short time when I was in college when I had a shaved cut, that was a mistake too…

I think I remember liking it when I got home, but I do remember being picked on really bad at school around this time.  There was one time when I actually walked home from school, a school I was being bussed to, because I was being bullied.  It was horrible.  I’m sure this hair did not help the situation.  Being a fluffy girl at 10 is hard.  It’s hard at 46.  I remember the boys.  They were so mean.  And I don’t remember anyone standing up for me.  Girls can be just as mean.

The prompt for tomorrow I’m not doing.  I don’t want to go there.  I’ll discuss it then.

Hey, there is one more thing I’d really like to add here…  I’m proud that not only am I doing the prompts for the most part, but that I’m stash busting as well.  I’ve not bought one embellishment, piece of paper, letters, tool…  Not one thing.  It’s really helping the budget.  I’m going to continue this stash busting for the next year.  I’ve got enough paper and adhesives to keep me going awhile.  However, I’m going to need more albums.  I’ve already let John know.  He’s on board.  As long as I’m doing the work, I get to have albums to put the work in!  Woot!  And lord knows, I’ve got an album full ready to be filed already, and LOAD is only 1/2 done.  :)

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