LOAD514 – Day Sixteen, sk8er

Day 16, hmmph.  Let me just say, I know that Lain loves the hard prompts.  She wants you to tell the hard stories.  I get that.  Today’s prompt…  the naughty chair.  She wants us to talk about punishments when we were little.  Yeah.  Not going there.  Who wants to talk about being hit.  I don’t.  I get that some of the stories that surround getting in trouble are good stories.  I constantly got in trouble for things that my sister said I did.  And that I may have done because of her constant badgering.  Not really a good story.  There are stories around my sister getting in trouble, but they are her stories, and I’m not telling that story.  So, I say BAH!  I don’t have to do a prompt if I don’t want to.  So, I’m leaving this prompt, right now.

Scrapbook LO of Sean at a skate shop buying a skateboardThis day, in April, Sean really wanted to skateboard.  He looked at the two skateboards that my nephew Julian left in our garage, and said, lets do this!  So we went down to the local skateboard store with the two boards in hand, and asked if they were safe to use.  We were told, not really.  So we took the parts from one, some new parts from the store and made a new skateboard.  He was beyond excited about his.  He even took the board to school for his sharing day.

One of the things that makes Sean special is his love of equipment.  He loves to get out there and try things…  Saying he is an expert at the activity all the while.  I’ve got pictures of him on all types of equipment…  What I love about this photo is that he has his helmet on, waiting to go, while the guys are working on his board.  It was a great experience how the guys were so good with him, and they really were interested in making sure he was safe.

After the board was built, he went out and started to ride.  He immediately saw big boys outside of the store doing tricks.  He said that he could do that.  We were just proud that he didn’t fall off!

I got these huge cardboard letters at Scrapbook Expo off the free table.  I really thought that they worked great with the story…  And the little people looked like they were riding.  I love the Studio Calico wood veneers, don’t you?

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