LOAD514 – Day Seventeen, Why I read…

Scrapbook LO of Gwen at 4 and Little House on the Prairie castWell, back to a prompt that I can get behind!  Today we are talking about the boob tube.  Isn’t it funny, people don’t really call the TV the boob tube any more, but I knew what Lain meant.

Now…  I remember the TV, I do.  I remember that we watched Sesame Street and the Electric Company.  Later we watched a TON of MTv.  But, what I remember most about the TV was that I wanted to watch Little House on the Prairie.  I loved that show.  I loved everything about that show.  I lived for Laura Ingalls.  I really did.  When I was 4, my friends and I would talk about the show at preschool.  Well, they would talk about it.  I would go home and ask my mom why I didn’t get to watch the show the night before.  She told me that if I wanted to know when the show was on so that I could watch it, I needed to read the TV Guide so that I could know when it was on.

So, at 4 years old, I learned how to read.  I read the TV guide and I watched Little House on the Prairie.  And all was good in gwenland.

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