LOAD514 – Day Twenty-One, I met Lisa Loeb

Scrapbook LO of meeting Lisa LoebWow, three weeks in and I’m still feeling fresh!  I can’t believe it.  Normally, I’m known to be crying and complaining my mojo is gone!  But this month, nope.  Besides, I watched Lain’s Creative Live class, and inspiration spouted!  I love just listening to someone who is passionate about crafting.  It just inspires me to continue to tell my story.  Even just hanging with Vivian, Serena, and Lei works well.  Where creativity flows, inspiration blooms!

Today, we were tasked with Whoops.  There are a few whoops that I could talk about, and I may eventually, but today, nah.  Not feeling it.  You know, that is what I love about LOAD, I don’t have to do the prompt.  I really wanted to talk about 2013, because I didn’t scrap much about the year.  I was working on our vacation to Germany and Paris most of the year.  So, I had these pictures of when John and I saw Lisa Loeb, and I thought perfect!

Lisa put on such a good concert.  And, it’s amazing…  After all those years, I still knew all her songs word for word.  I sang along, in the back of the room, but a step up, with the most perfect view of the band.  John as sick.  Poor guy, but he was a trooper, and just let me enjoy the show.  It was a perfect date night.  I so love to go to concerts, especially when I can sit and just enjoy.  I also love a more intimate setting.  The Independent was awesome.  I’m hoping there are more shows in my future!

For this LO, I was missing using craft…  So I pulled out a piece.  The Bazzil paper I got from Laurie at NSD worked so well with the craft!  I wasn’t sure about it with the orange of the photo, but I went with it.  Then I pulled out some Amy Tangerine, Yes Please!, and there you have it.  Paper done.  I added a bit of flair & washi, but the Dymo captions really were so bold, I didn’t think it needed anymore.  I added the thickers, and woot!  I can’t believe that I have made 38 LO’s this month.  And, I’ve only purchased ONE PACKAGE OF THICKERS!  Go Gwen, Go Gwen!


  1. woo hoo for all that mojo!!! btw, i think i have some thickers for you :-) several packs that i haven’t touched in a year. someone ought to use them!

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