LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Two, Buffie

Scrapbook LO of the Preppy Handbook and me at 13You know, Past Perfect is not my favorite groups of prompts.  It’s really not.  I don’t have tons of memories, AND I have few pictures…  I have 1,000’s of slides.  It’s such a pain.  Today was Pop Culture.  I was tempted to just do my own thing, and move on.  But, in 1982, I wanted to be a preppy.  I really did.  I wanted all those Izod shirts and wool Polo sweaters.  I wanted Pappagallo shoes.  I wanted to be dressed in all those names, in pinks and greens.  I wore penny loafers and argyle socks…  I tried so hard.  Layers of clothes…  Turtle neck shirt, polo shirt over it, button down collar shirt over that, with a crew neck sweater over that…  Each one with it’s own little logo over the heart.  Alligators, polo players, logos that dreams were made of.  Buffie, my preppy nickname, wanted it all.

Now, I thought for sure there would be a photo of me, and my friends Jenna and Janet, in all my preppy glory.  Nope.  As a matter of fact, photos of me between 1982 and 1986 are pretty non existent.  I’m guessing I know the reason why, but there is no real need to talk about that now.  So, I’m sharing a photo of me on Christmas morning with a pretty preppy looking sweater.  I don’t remember this sweater, so I’m guessing it was returned.  Or, it was donated.  We moved within 1 month of this picture being taken, and I gained a ton of weight.  It was a traumatic time to say the least.  I’m also fake smiling.  That is telling too.  I was pretty unhappy.  I didn’t want to move.

I had this paper that I bought in San Diego years ago that was actually made by a French company.  I thought the colors were perfect for this preppy themed LO.  I thought the colors were spot on to what I remembered.  It was actually strips, and I cut it apart, and then repositioned it.  All these bright colors really didn’t need much embellishment, so I added a few button brads & a piece of yellow flair and called it a day.

You know…  I still have my Preppy Handbook.  I had no idea it was a parody.  At 13, I’m not sure I would have understood that.  But being a preppy meant a lot to me.  I remember that part of 1982 fondly.

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