LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Four, AOII

Scrapbook LO of me and my sorority sistersIt’s Past Time Saturday…  And School Spirit!  Hmm.  I didn’t really do much with school spirit…  I did theatre.  But, with 4 high schools, it was really difficult to have much school spirit.

But, I have a story around being in my sorority.  There is much more to this story…  But, getting into a sorority was so important to me.  I don’t know why.  But, I really wanted that sisterhood.

I went into my photos, and found some great photos from Presents.  This is the day when the house presents you to the greek and campus community.  All the fraternities stop by, your parents can come…  It’s a day of celebration.  I had a great time this day, with my new sisters.  And, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to tell this story.

I used just plain red and white cardstock.  I used my sew easy to embroider a green vine, and then added some flowers to represent the rose.  I had the original invitation, that worked so well.  I had a hard time with letters for the title, but in the end, I used red glitter Thickers.

I even put my pin on the LO, just for a second, to take the picture.  Funny, I was wearing a rose colony pin this day, not the AOII pin.  There are days I wished I had kept it.  Other girls did.  But, they asked for it back, and back it went.

Some day, I will talk about how I actually did in a sorority.  But, that’s not for today.  Did you do the greek thing in college?  If not, how did you show school spirit?



  1. my brother had gone to the same college and warned me against sororities. so i didn’t do it. i didn’t like how it seemed you had to prove you were good enough. but that was an outsider’s view. next time we meet, i want to know how it went for you! love the embroidery! is that your mom in the pic?

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