LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Five, This was us

UUUUUUGGGGGGGG….  Sibling Rivalry.  ReallyScrapbook LO of my sister, mom and I in Washington DC, Lain?  Really?  I’m pretty sure you had this last Past Perfect.  I looked there is a LO of my sister and I there…  And me saying that I miss my relationship with her.  And now we have to do it again?  Bah.

So, here we are…  Marilyn, Mom, and I in Washington DC.  May 8, 2003.  I can honestly say that this is just about the last time we were friends.  It sucks.

I opened a Gossamer Blue kit that I still had unopened, and found this heart paper.  I really loved her, and I thought it was appropriate.  What I really loved were these photo frames.  I used three…  I cut one in the upper right, to add some green up there.  Then the two that are kinda falling off the page.  I wanted the impression of falling out, and I think it does that.

Lain…  No more sibling prompts for a while, ok?  Thanks.

Is there any kind of story that you hate to scrap about?


  1. oh i’m sorry this is such a tough relationship. sibling relationships are so hard sometimes. hoping with time, age, and wisdom we get it all figured out one day.

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