LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Six, I’d ask the hard questions

Today we were back to a thinking question…  If I knew then.Scrapbook LO of my grandparents and Aunt Dell & Uncle Sig  Well, dang.  I wish I had known to ask my grandparents, and family elders, the hard questions.

Grandpa Dapper, I want to know what things were like in WWII, and had you met Grandpa Tully, what was he like?  Did you have a girlfriend in England during the war?

Grandma Dapper, I want to know why you didn’t speak Swedish?  What do you remember about your mother?  What did you like to cook?  What made you fall in love with Grandpa?

Grandpa Romaine, tell me about this Cyr Walsh…  Did you really love her?  Was there really a child out of that union?  Did you know all this that I know about your heritage?  Were you always a ladies man?

Grandma Romaine, I want to know how you forgave your mother, after she put you to work at such a young age.  What did you feel about your parents relationship?

Aunt Dell, tell me your favorite place to travel…  What was it like growing up in Arizona?  How did you meet Uncle Sig, and what made you stick with him after the stroke?

Uncle Sig, what was life like before the stroke?  What was your favorite past time?  What was Minnesota like growing up?  What were your parents like?  Why was Grandma so spoiled?

I found this great heart paper from Amy Tangerine.  Even though I think it was baby paper, I thought the yellow & black worked so well with the black and white photos.  With such a bold, and big, title, there really wasn’t a lot of room for embellishments.  I did my journaling with my Dymo…

I have no dates for the photos, but I don’t think the dates matter…  It’s the regret of knowing all these people, and being too young to think of asking the questions.  I’ve asked my parents on several occasions tell their stories.  No luck as of yet.  And, I’m running out of time…

Are there any questions that you wish you knew the answers to?


  1. these are great questions. it sounds like your family history is loaded with nooks and crannies that would make a great movie! wonderful lo, gwen!

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