LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Seven, She wore a purple hat

Scrapbook LO of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince PhillipToday’s prompt, a bit easier than some of the others, was magic.  Funny, I didn’t really have a magic story.  I’m pretty much a realist.  I wasn’t that upset when I heard about the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.  It all made sense.

So, I was talking to my dad on the phone last night and I told him the prompt was magic.  He said, well that is easy, you saw The Magic Show in New York City.  And I said, you are right dad, that is perfect.  I pulled out the slides from the New York City trip in April of 1975, and started looking for the marquee.  Now, I’ve seen the program since I’ve been in this house.  I have NO idea where I put it.  I remember thinking, dang, I remember that we saw this show!  Who knows what I did with it.  Really.  Things are pretty much a mess in my area, and the garage, where I keep important things like this, is a disaster.

As John was printing out pictures for me to use, I was dealing with the fall out from yesterdays blog post.  I decided at that while the story was a good story, and I even remember some of the tricks, I had absolutely no mojo, or desire to follow through on any LO.

At this point, I looked at this picture of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip (well the backs of their heads really), and I said, I’m going to tell this story instead.

I pulled out some purple paper, because it is a royal color you know, and then put the picture down.  It seemed a little bland, so I found this black and cream viney paper, put it between the two purples and called it done.  Add some old Sassafrass sparkly letters, the cheap Target letters you have seen before, and three purple flowers…  BAM.  Done.

Oh, that’s right, the story.  In Late June / Early July of 1973, my family went camping in Canada.  We always went camping in Canada.  My parents said they had better campgrounds.  Anyway, this summer, we went to Kingston, Ontario.  My dad told me the campground name, but I forgot already.  Anyway, the people at the campground were really excited about the fact that the Queen was in town.  We scrapped our plans and went out to go see her.  My 5 year-old self was upset beyond belief.  Even though I risk upsetting the Queen here, I was upset that she was not wearing a crown, or a tiara…  You know a royal type headdress.  She was wearing a purple hat.

Now, I really have no memory of this.  But, my parents both do.  Apparently, I would have been one of these Disney Princess want-to-be girls (surprise, surprise), and I really thought that all Queens wore crowns.  All the time.  They never took them off.  That they were permanently attached to their heads.  The sight of the Queen with no crown really upset me.  I couldn’t get my head around it.

And, it got worse.  A police officer in the Queens motorcade took a corner a bit too tight and downed his motorcycle.  It was a very traumatic day for me to say the least.  But, it is a great story.  However, the fall out from yesterdays LO made last night super traumatic too.  So, since I had the picture printed, and it was big, there was no need to look to complete a different story.  And while it’s not magic per se, it talks about a belief that was dispelled, and I do think that worked for the prompt.

Do you have a magical story that you remember?  Or fall out from LOs/blog posts that you have made?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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