LOAD514 – Day Twenty-Nine, $1.25 Breakfast

Scrapbook LO of Grandpa DapperFood…  I love food.  Today’s prompt was all about our favorite foods…  I have lots of happy food memories from my childhood…  Mom’s spaghetti & flank steak, Mom’s cookies & pies, Vernors, Halo Burger…  And I was going to go there.  Then I remembered my Grandpa Dapper’s love of a cheap breakfast.  Every town we went to with him, we had to find the cheap breakfast.

When we lived in Troy, there was a breakfast place that he ate at most every day with my mom.  Their breakfast, $1.25.  But the more I thought about it, the more I remembered…  Pork and Beans.  I eat pork and beans because of him.  Orange Marmalade.  Also, I love it because of him.  I also think he had a hand in my oatmeal eating.

But, as I thought more, I thought I remember other things too…  Maybe this shouldn’t just be a food LO, it should be a remembering LO.  so I kinda bulleted things out…  Cigarettes, jumpsuits, golf, and my college fund.  It’s crazy how things just come together lately.  I just wish I was remembering to put a place for my journaling.  Oh well.

I used the last of my days paper here.  I was looking for some orange, and dang, it was the right size and everything.  Then I used Vivians new Sizzix die. Gotta love me some Vivian right now!  I added a Basic Grey frame, and the paper was done.  Then cheap Target letters, cheap Echo Park letters from Expo, and FREE letters from Vivian, finished out yet another stash busting LO.

Let me tell you, I’m really enjoying looking at these old pictures.  I hate the slide thing, but while the hunt sucks, the finds are so awesome.  This picture of Marilyn and Grandpa shows him wearing a jumpsuit and a pork and beans hat.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better picture.  I’ve been sharing some of these photo gems on Facebook with my cousins.  The Dapper cousins are so much younger than I am, and Grandpa and Grandma died young.  They don’t have many memories of either of these grandparents.  I’m going to start posting more stories and photos of my grandparents.  My cousins are loving hearing/seeing all I have…  and Sean will be grateful I wrote it down/scanned it in some day too.

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