LOAD 520 – Day 1

Today, for the first time in a long time, I feel like blogging. There is so very much to blog about. Today, is the 48th day of shelter-in-place in Santa Clara County because of Covid-19. I’ve not been to the grocery store in literally 3 weeks. I need to go too. I’m so missing fresh fruit and vegetables. We are out of milk.

One thing we are not out of is flour. Around the time I went to the grocery store last, I also purchased 50 pounds of King Arthur’s artisan bread flour. Commercial flour. I have just under a pound of yeast in the freezer. I got it for Christmas. I never thought I would ever need this much flour, but then I never thought I’d be basically in my house for 48 days. I make rolls regularly, and I couldn’t find anymore bread flour. It’s hard to come by. So, I made a purchase and my freezer is full of flour.

I promised that I would make bagels when the flour came. I was true to my word. The flour came, I started the poolish, and had the dough in the fridge to rise before I went to bed. In the morning, I brought the dough to temperature, and I started shaping bagels. I boiled them, and by 1:00 pm, I was eating my delicious, yet very ugly bagels.

The theme for LOAD 520 today is Love Me Do. We are focusing on the Beatles this month. We were prompted to introduce something or someone you love on a scrapbook page, and/or use 4’s of things on your page.

Lets just say I love my bagels. I am really proud. I really am. I am excited to introduce everyone to my bagels. However, I’m not really ready to share them. I don’t even want to share with the boys. Go figure.

Alice Boll had this great LO that she shared with us where she changed the color mode of her photos. I was so inspired by that! Although, I think this looks a bit like a Police album cover. I used scraps. I really did. I found embellies that just worked. The left side didn’t come together as easily as I wanted it too, but it did, and I’m happy with it.

LO: Home Made Bagels

So, a warm welcome to my bagels. I can’t wait to make more, and try new flavors. I also hope that I make it to the grocery store and get some cream cheese. They are going to be AMAZING with cream cheese. What are you missing right now?

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