LOAD520 – Day 8

There were lots of things impeding me from working on my layout today. My lovely son forgot my name today, because I heard “mom” about every 15 minutes. At one point I had everyone in my work space playing Pokemon Go. I closed the door, and people knocked, then dogs barked at me. Apparently, Archie was doing his rounds, and was very disappointed that the door was closed so he barked at me until I opened the door. And, I think it’s time to get off of Facebook again. I just can’t take it. I love my friends, but the conspiracy theories and the “we just got to open things up no matter who dies” argument are just too much. Sigh.

So, today’s prompt, I know you want it.

Abbey LOAD Day 8: Love Songs! All You Need Is Love, Love Me Do, She Loves You, Can’t Buy Me Love, I’m In Love, It’s Only Love, PS I Love You
Story: Something you love!
Technique: Hearts/Love and a ‘love lyric’

Dang! I hit a homerun on this one and I didn’t even realize it. So, today I worked from my scraps again. I tell you what. I could work from my scraps for years. I picked one piece of paper for a background, everything else was scraps. I love it. I love that I can make my discards work for me. I can save money (although I did buy some paper this week, just because I wanted to), and get a super cute layout.

I also used a sketch posted at the Redefined Kreative Facebook page. It makes it easier sometimes to use a sketch, and sometimes it makes it harder. Today it felt like harder. Maybe it was all the interruptions. Who knows.

So, something I love. So easy. Here are John and Archie. It’s such a cute picture of both of them. I had just cut Archies hair. He was a bit irritated, but this pose let me cut some of his belly hair easier.

Back to the prompt.  Hearts, check. Love, check. Love lyric, wrong band, but CHECK! Woot!

Although this page took all frickin’ day to do, I’m super happy with it. On the screen, I see things I might change… But, I’m not going too. It’s done. These are two of the things I love most in the world. Woot! Day 8 in the bag.

Scrapbook layout of my husband and dog Archie

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