My dads fathers day…

19june01.jpgIncluded this nice little incident… Apparently one of his neighbours hit his parked car, drove over his front lawn, hit a retaining wall, and broke the water main to his house.

Not too bad, I think.

I remember when I was 16, and I crashed my 1979 Buick Opel. He didn’t talk to me for 3 months. When the neighbour came to his door telling him that there had been an accident, he hugged her and said (about his 2001 jaguar), it’s just a car.

You know, I would have loved to had that kind of dad when I was growing up!


  1. At least he wasn’t in the car wehn it happened!!!

  2. It’s always different when it isn’t your kid.

  3. That was quite a day hah!