can you guess?

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what is it

i went home early with the same tummy issues. in the parking lot at safeway, i saw this… anyone care to guess what it is? smile lets see, should there be a prize? yes… there shall be a prize… a postcard from vancouver if you can guess what this is!

email your answer (and/or your address if you want a postcard from my vacation) to daisydo ‘at’ gmail ‘dot’ com. thanks to theresa for the gmail account!

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  1. maybach?

  2. hmmm.  i’m stumped.

    and wahhh! everyone’s getting gmail except me, lol.  always the bridesmaid, never the bride! wink

    i hope you’re feeling better! ((((gwen))))

  3. I guess a 1953 Maserati. Uh, and blue, if that gets extra points.