what is it, part 2

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do you know what it is now?

when my family moved from michigan to california way back in the mid 80’s, i had to give up my 1979 opel isuzu. i was bummed. i was told there was no way it would pass california emmissions. so, when we got here, my dad and i started looking at cars. we only looked at cars that were less than $1000. preferably less than $500. we saw a beautiful pontiac barracuda, a 1960’s model mini cooper, a volvo 544, volkswagon bugs… we also looked at one of these.

i still wouldn’t mind having one. isn’t it cute? have you figured out what it is yet?

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  1. Now THAT is a gorgeous car. And I think I’ve seen one around town here before. Hmmm

  2. Still no clue…i was going to guess something insane yesterday but figured it would be best not to…Tell us already!!!!! =)

    Also those chick reads look great! Just not into fine tuning anyone for a man so i think I will skip the latter book!

    Iam reading a great book currently called ‘The heart is a lonely hunter’ its an oprah book. I know *shutter*
    But its great!

  3. :smugly: i know what it is… of course, only because you told me. =)  it’s definitely a cute car though, i would drive it happily!

  4. That, fair lady, I believe is a Morris Minor (or something similar to that), if memory serves me well. There were plenty of those over here, back in the 50s and up until the Mini came along in the mid-60s.

    I’m amazed that they’re available on your side of the pond though. The cars were made by British Leyland, I think, along with the Rovers, the Austins and the Land Rovers, I think. Nowadays they’re all on German hands, which is pretty ironic, considering the two countries’ fairly recent past (in a 50 years perspective).