orlando, for space not mickey

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back when mar was still married to david, the whole family took a trip to orlando. i remember being sick to death of david, my mother and the boys. i was tired of the heat, and the humidity. as far as vacations go, it is pretty far down the list. but there was one thing that i did in orlando that my family didn’t do. i went and watched a night lauch of the space shuttle. it was the most incredible thing i have ever seen. i remember the day that we went to kennedy. it was davids birthday, and one of the guards offered up his pass to watch on the causeway as a birthday present to him. the family went the first night, and the mission was scrubbed do to weather. the second night, it was me and david and maybe someone else, and again, the mission was scrubbed.

the third night, it was all about me. i went alone. and i was so lucky. i called my dad on the cell phone, and he listened to the whole thing with me. i am still in awe of what i saw. it was something that i experienced with my entire body. the ground shook, my ears were ringing and my eyes were fixed on this little sun like object moving through the sky. it was beautiful, powerful and worth every miserable moment i had in orlando.

I totally recommend going to orlando, just don’t do the disney stuff, and only go when you can see a launch.

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