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you scratch my back…

life is kinda funny... i wanted this site to be skinned... really badly. i set it up properly, but then couldn't figure out how to make the link bar change sides... it really bugged me so i never implemented. then i saw that someone was offering to help with skining, and i said, hey maybe she can help me out. and she did, by showing me two .css examples. i felt pretty dumb, but i'm getting over it. about the same time, i was contacted by a complete stranger to help him set up some paypal … [Read more...]

getting help doesn’t mean you get the help you want

monday's are therapy nights. it used to be that the rocker went with me, now he doesn't. i go by myself. the three of us decided that while there were problems in the relationship that maybe things would be better if i learned how to deal with all the people in my life, not just the rocker. for the past few weeks, we have been talking about what i want out of life and how i'm going to make that happen. we talk about how to say "i'm not comfortable with that" to my dad every time he asks me … [Read more...]

as if pebble beach isn’t the most beautiful place on earth

ms. nikki continues to tell me that she works at the most beautiful place on earth. until yesterday, i just shook my head at her and thought "whatever"... yesterday, ms. nikki invited me to go down to the montery bay aquarium with her sister and her nephew. i wasn't sure i wanted to go, but that kind of thing really is for kids, and since there was going to be a kid there, i thought, what the hell. i got my butt up at 8, filled up the car, tuned in the sabercats game and started to drive. … [Read more...]

not me, not me skinned!

i finally figured it out... well, i've had help (i didn't want to admit my problems), but i'm now skinned. i've just need to skin the comments... then i'm done. but then i saw a cool little script that let you see your comments on the page, kinda like the see more thing. hmm. i wonder if i can do them both on the same page. hmm. enjoy the skins. i've got many more in the works... i'm SO excited. … [Read more...]

is the nearest book really this?

i was over reading … [Read more...]


just before i went to houston, actually the night before, my cousin merrie had a nasty car accident. a loser driver in austin basically pushed her out of the way, and forced her off the road, rolling her brand spanking new pt cruiser. i saw my aunt two days later, and she said that merrie was having pains, but nothing too serious... i thought with a bit of r&r over the weekend, that she would be fine... now i've heard through the grapevine that she is not doing as well as i had thought. :( … [Read more...]

100 songs!

jen over at verybigdesign had an excellent idea. she is suggesting that people come up with 100 songs about you. on june 1st, you will mail out 3 cd's and post the song list on your blog... you should get 3 cd's in return... this is close to the cd exchange that i take part in (ASTROFIEND, when are we having the next exchange, do i have to initiate it again?), but a bit different in that art work doesn't seem to be required, and instead of something you can pop into your car cd player, you … [Read more...]

um, ouch!

mac over at thegofish finds the most interesting things. today she found this article about a man in romainia whose penis exploded. the article goes on to say: "I don't know what this couple were playing at, but there must have been tremendous pressure inside the penis to make this happen." just trying to imagine what the couple was doing is enough to scare me. i'd better not tell the rocker... he may grab his johnson in pain just from the conversation. … [Read more...]

pictures of the past

last night when i got home, i had a package from my father... i knew it was from my dad because of the handwriting... my dad has really distinct handwriting. anyhoo, i wasn't expecting anything, so i opened it. (actually i've been expecting a quit claim with his signature on it for the house, but that is another story) inside the package was a metal aol cd box, and inside that was an unmarked cd. god, is my dad weird. i took the cd upstairs and put it in the computer. and to my surprise … [Read more...]

the six wives of henry viii

when i'm not watching hockey... or should i say, when the rocker is not watching hockey, i've been watching the six wives of henry viii on pbs. i didn't even know it was being developed! when i saw it listed on channel 9, i said, wait! i want to watch that! the rocker turned the station, then left the room after about 5 minutes... that episode was anne boleyn. i've seen most of them now. what an awesome series! i'm really enjoying it! when i finally saw the story of catherine of … [Read more...]