CDX 2004: Here come some reviews!

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sonic bliss cd cover imageI’m going to start showing you some of the awesome cd’s I recieved from CDX 2004. I’m going to start with The Man From Zeno (from now on MFZ because the other is really too long to type, he is also formerly known as Astrofiend).

{I have to give MFZ his props here. I have forgotten to give him credit for several songs I used on my entry this year. He went beyond the call of duty to get those songs to me, and then he even gave me some new music by artists I didn’t know just for fun. I think partay mix may not be enough of a thank you.}

MFZ is really the work to strive for, I think. He has an eye that just can’t be beat, and his ability to take a theme and run with it is unmatched. His entry this year, Sonic Bliss, is no exception. I love the cover, the three dudes from the 60’s with that transistor radio are to die for. The back cover includes the playlist, with said radio in the back ground. The cd features such bands as The Pixies, Guided By Voices, The Hives, Sugar, Modest Mouse, Man… Or Astro-man? to name a few. Check out the playlist… Incredible isn’t it.

But, personally, the best part of this cd, I think is the cd label. sonic bliss cd label imageThink about this label for a minute. It uses sticker price tags from several local record stores. The labels are really those colors. He used those labels as coloring for the front of the cd cover. I’ve got a million of those price stickers… In basically the same format, stuck to a random piece of paper in the office. I would have never thought of using them for an idea for a cd label. And the thought that sonic bliss really can be found for $1.00 at Amoeba Music is so true!

Now MFZ is not as generous as I am (you know ask and you shall recieve). If you’d like to listen to a copy of this cd, contact him. He just might let you have a copy for production costs. smile

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