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This year’s Christmas CD…

(click image for a bigger view) Now, hopefully those of you on the Christmas Card exchange list have already recieved this. If you haven't, I sent out a few more today. Next year, when you see my button, don't be afraid, just TRADE! And, for those of you who are curious about the little girl in the picture... That's me, circa 1972. I had just been hit in the face with a snowball. And, yes, it's true. I'm crying, not laughing. If you are interested in the playlist, just look in the … [Read more...]


So, I'm sick again. I was sick on my birthday, and now I've got the same damn cold less than two weeks later. What is that crap. As it is, I had a hissey fit on Thursday night and called in sick because I couldn't stop crying on Friday. Saturday, I looked at crap houses when I should have been resting and drinking lots of juice. Sunday, I went shopping with Andrea & Tabitha instead of resting and drinking lots of juice. I ended up passing out on Chris and Andrea's couch for most of Sunday … [Read more...]


These ladies came to my house today more than two hours late today to stage my house for my open house this weekend. This is what I was quoted: Front Porch ? Pot of flowers and doormat. Entry/Hall ? Art Living Room ? Pillows for sofa, rug, accessories, art (if needed), plant(s). Dining Room ? Table settings, decorative accessories, art (if needed). Kitchen ? Decorative kitchen accessories, art. Bedroom ? Accent pillows, other colorful bedding (if needed), art (if needed), decorative … [Read more...]

Damn it.

We still didn't get one. … [Read more...]

It’s Thursday and my brain is still missing

It's been a crazy, crazy week. Crazy. My house is now officially on the market. I'm a bit freaked about it. Wait, I'm a lot freaked about it. Before I went to DisneyLand, I went and looked at this house. I thought it could be perfect and suggested that we bid on the property. Monday night we were given the bad news. We bid $620,000 with $5,000 cash to move in before the close of escrow. We thought that was a very good bid. NOT. This house had 18 bids. 18. 3 of which were over … [Read more...]

Birthday Presents…

First... I had a few surprises. Susanna sent me the cutest card with a cat drinking champange. I think that British cards are so much more fun than American cards. Then on Monday, the fifth season of Sex in the City arrived in my mail box! Can you believe it! Susanna sent me a present! That was the coolest thing. I was shocked and excited and I just love it! I can't thank her enough. Nikki made the most beautiful pink bead and star earrings for me. Two pair and a bracelet. She is … [Read more...]

Barbie Tree!

Ok, so the response to the tree was incredible. I was shocked that everyone seems to like it. So, I bought my tree at Target last year after Christmas. I think they carried it at Toys 'R Us too. It is 33.5 inches tall, it has pink, irridesecent, and snow-flakey "leaves" with a pink base. It came with 6 heart ornaments and a collectible Barbie ornament in light blue. I saw a couple on eBay yesterday, but it doesn't look like they are being sold in stores anymore. There was also a Disney … [Read more...]

Christmas at my desk!

Because we are going to be selling my house, I can't have a Christmas Tree at home. Apparently, unpacking your Christmas things to have to repack them quickly is not the smartest thing to do in the world. Go figure. So Carey at work suggested that I put a tree up at my desk. What a wonderful idea that was. I brought in my pink Barbie tree, put on some blue beaded garland, added some gifts, and there you have it! It's Gwen's Christmas Tree! I just adore it. It puts me in a good mood every … [Read more...]