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First, let me say that I can’t find my camera. This doesn’t surprise me, I did move over the weekend…

Now to the good stuff! My secret pal so loves me! She loves me so much! She is the most awesome secret pal ever!

I have never recieved such a wonderful, thoughtful gift, from a stranger! My secret pal sent me a box wrapped in a pink ribbon, with red heart stickers on it. She attached a beautiful valentines day card.

my secret pal gift!Inside my box is the most awesome ribbon yarn. Trendsetter Yarns Segue, isn’t it the most lovely color? Light pink to white. Yummy, yummy, yummy! Then, a ball of Plassard Insolite, in pink of course. It is lovely! The two look so beautiful together!

Then, there is a little package of tissues with hearts on them. So cute I’m not sure I’ll be able to use them!

On top of it all, a box of Stephany’s Chocolate Truffles, in a pretty box with flower-hearts on it. I’m going to save them to eat on Valentines Day!

I am so absolutely delighted. I’ve been feeling really bad about things that happened this weekend. This package has made my day. I’m going to try and not play with the yarn until I find my camera… I’d like you all to see how beautifully it was packaged.

My secret pal is AWESOME! She is a wonderful shopper, and she hit the nail on the head with what I would like.

Thank you so much secret pal!

more sp4 gift images

more sp4 gift images

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  1. Very cool! smile

  2. oh, that picture looks so pretty! smile