The Surf Coasters

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Surf Coasters Poster, March 10, 2005This weekend the Surf Coasters are coming to San Jose. My friend, the Man from Zeno, made this awesome poster for the event up at Bottom of the Hill. He is really excited about the shows… Including the free show at Streetlight on Sunday afternoon. He asked if I would like to join the festivities, including a pasta dinner before the Blank Club show.

Tonight I confirmed all the details. Not really sure Miss Lisa is going to join us, but I think I’m going to go. It sounds pretty fun. MfZ asked me if I had any friends to join me in helping out 3 horney Japanese guys. I’m thinking hell, it’s been since November, maybe getting laid this weekend wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Lisa chimed in that maybe I could even get pregnant too! She said that the asian/caucasian mix was one of the cutest. I agree. I told MfZ that I would check my calendar to ensure I’d be ovulating, that way I could kill two birds with one stone. (you know it’s really funny when you give a man just a little too much information about your cycle… they kinda don’t know what to do with that newly acquired data.)

I then asked if I could bring anything with me on Sunday. He told me, just you and a American flag bikini. I said, oh yeah, like I have time to go shopping and find that and do all the other things I need to do in my copious spare time. MfZ laughed.

Hell, this may end up to be much more fun than I thought.

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