Don’t Super Size me, really.

I’ve been unable to eat McDonald’s since I watched Super Size Me. Really. I haven’t. Even when Reese suggested the Cadbury Mini Egg McFlurry. I don’t even eat at the Burger King on campus.

I don’t even want to eat at Wendy’s anymore (and I love the frosty!). Now that a woman found a finger in her chili. And, she found it at MY local Wendy’s. The one I drive by twice a day on my way to work.

God, if I didn’t have enough reason to cook… I sure do now.


  1. Ugh.  That finger thing.  Very bad.  I agree about Super Size Me…but…I had no idea there was a Cadbury mini egg Mcflurry.

  2. Ewwww!!!

  3. I thought that was an EWW story when I first heard it but to know you live near it and could have potentially been there….EWWWW.

  4. Ugh…can’t believe that is YOUR wendy’s! But as jay said, you could be 1 million richer now wink LOL. The finger is the ticket!

    They didn’t have any mcflurry’s here for easter this year :(

  5. I don’t eat at any of the fast food places either. It doesn’t have that much to do with Super Size Me really – I mean all the guy did was to eat way too much, the fact that they were McDonald’s burgers is less of an issue. But there was a program here about the hygiene, etc at these fast food places which was really disgusting. And this finger thing – yuck!