What is it about Desperate Housewives that I just don’t get?

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Ok, so I’m sitting here watching the Golden Globes. Really I’m just watching to see glimpses of Heath Ledger, but you know. Anyway, I was really surprised that Desperate Housewives beat out My Name is Earl. Have you seen My Name is Earl? Damn, that is one funny show. And not only is it funny, you get a douse of good karma every time you watch. It has meaning. It’s good, in a good way. Then there is Desperate Housewives. I’ve seen it once. I just didn’t get it. I don’t know, maybe it is that lack of husband that does it. Maybe that’s why I don’t get it.  Wait, Stephen gets it.  Hmm.  What does that say about me, or better yet, Stephen?

Speaking of Heath Ledger… I went to see Brokeback Mountain for the second time this afternoon. It’s such a good movie. What I can’t believe is that you actually forget that the story is about two men. After the first five minutes, it’s just a love story.  I know, he is in two movies out right now…  I just like Brokeback Mountain better than Cassanova.  It’s that deep voice thing, I think…  or maybe it’s the vunerability of the character.  I think that’s more the point.

Now, here they are announcing the winner for best comedy/musical male performance… It’s Joaquin. Walk the Line, what a wonderful story, what a wonderful performance. Can you believe that he sang everything? I couldn’t.  Reese and he did such a wonderful job.  My nephew has seen Walk the Line more times than I can count…  Lets see if they are going to give Walk the Line the Golden Globe, shall we?  Excellent!  They really deserved it.  It was a wonderful movie.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked Pride and Prejudice…  But I’ll take Colin Firth over Matthew MacFadyen anyday.  Talk about cute!

Anyhoo… I’m off to bed.  I’ll be dreaming of Michelle Williams husband.  Mmmm.  Yummy.  Wishing Heath a win!

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  1. I wanted Earl to win, too, but I think the Globes are just fluff. I don’t count them as “real” awards, honestly, and think the Oscars and Emmys portray things better.

  2. I don’t get that show either. I did the same thing—watched it once and it did absolutely nothing for me. It’s a glorified soap opera.

  3. Yes it is a glorified soap opera, but I loved the first season. I don’t watch any other soap operas anyway, so I guess I deserve some mindless entertainment sometimes…
    The second season started here yesterday and I’m starting to be a bit dubious: what, another family with a secret who keep a hostage locked up in their basement?
    Maybe it is because I am married, but I can emphatise with the characters, even though they are older than me and have kids… Whereas I’ve only got a husband at the moment, but he tends to act like a child too sometimes!

  4. We recently got our NBC affiliate back, long story, so I am just know enjoying My Name is Earl and The Office.  FANFREAKINGTASTIC. 
    As for Brokeback Mountain, it isn’t going over as well here.  Lots of homophobic rednecks, and the men too.  HA
    I just don’t want to watch two good looking men love each other, don’t we have enough competition as it is???