What a busy, busy weekend!

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I didn’t think that life could get any busyier than it is, but darn it, it did.  This weekend was an absolute blur.  At some point I moved my 61 VW bug from my neighbours house to my house.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t drive it.  I had to push it.  My neighbour and I did it, all by ourselves.  I was pretty proud about this, but really sad that the car didn’t start.  I really hope that the problem isn’t the starter.  I think it is.  That would be bad.

I painted the ceiling in the kitchen, and installed the trim rings on the can lights.  Installing the trim rings sucked.  By the 6th one, I finally figured out how it could be done easily, but until that 6th one, I was having a hard time.

I bought a pad for the rug in the dining room, and cut it to fit the rug.  It was about a foot too big on two sides.  Smart me used scissors.  Yeah, I know, not smart.  I will say that the rug is much plusher since I added the pad.

I did not, however, do my homework.  Darn.

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