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Finally pictures!

These pictures were taken on Monday night.  Sean is awake after dinner, and graced us with two great smiles (ok 2 that we could capture).  I thought you would enjoy seeing them! These pictures were taken on the last Saturday in March, at Tabitha’s birthday party.  The blue sweater was made for Sean by Jenny.  It is so beautiful!  Everyone loves it as much as I do!  Jenny is so awesome, she sent an entire outfit, with little shoes and everything!  And … [Read more...]

More firsts!

So, we have had a few firsts… first golden shower given to me by Sean (daddy was amused, mommy was not) first barf down mommy’s shirt (mommy had to hurry and take a shower, again daddy was amused, and mommy was not) first trip to Grandma G’s house (for our first easter dinner and visit from the easter bunny) first attendance to a birthday party (Tabitha turned 4 years old!  Sean was the life of the party, asleep the whole time) first walk around the block with just mommy … [Read more...]