Back home.

It never seems like we are gone long enough.  Lately we have been taking mini breaks.  A long weekend here, 5 days off there.  Never a week at the same time.  I so need a week.

This time it was 4 days, 3 days at Disneyland and 1 day at home, just being at home.  Sean really seems to need that.

The skinny on the trip…  3 times on Star Tours.  2 times on Little Mermaid.  3 times on Astro Blasters.  1 time: It’s A Small World, Autopia, Souring over California, Jungle Cruz, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Toy Story Mania, California Zephyr and Francis…  I’m sure I have forgotten something, but lots of rides to say the least.

We had a great time at the Paradise Pier.  I was disappointed that they don’t do turn down service anymore.  I wanted more rice krispy treats.  Sean did too.  We tried they new restaurants at California Adventure, the skewer place was better than the pizza and pasta. John thought they were equally good. 

It was weird that Stephen didn’t join us, but it was very nice not having to worry about what anyone else wanted to do.  Not a bunch of pin trading.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  It’s hard when you don’t know if you are getting a real pin or not. 

Sean didn’t ever melt.  He never cried.  He sucked at meal time, but was perfect otherwise.  There is even a video of me dancing with Goofy.  Sean was not happy about it, and almost took out Goofy.  I’m his mommy, you know.

It still wasn’t long enough.  Hopefully a video will be added tomorrow, and I will craft tonight.  I’m doing the Mother Load.  I don’t want to fall behind.

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