A Batman cape!

Sean asked me for a Batman cape yesterday.  He went wondering around, looking for cape, asking Nana to help him.  So, I suggested that we should go to the fabric store and buy the fabric to make a cape.  Of course, Sean was ecstatic.  So, after dinner, we drove over to Beverley’s and bought some pretty blue fabric, then some yellow fabric to line the cape with.  I also bought some thread and bias tape to help complete the cape.

So, easy peasy mac and cheesey.

1 1/4 yards of blue fabric
1 1/4 yards of yellow fabric
3 yards of bias tape

Step 1: wash the fabric, dry it on high
Step 2: iron fabric
Step 3: cut the fabric down the middle (between the selvage ends)
Step 4: put the front sides of the yellow and blue fabrics together, line it up as best you can
Step 5: fold the fabric in half, long ways
Step 6: cut a quarter circle in the fabric on the fold (I used my creating memories circle cutter as a guide)
Step 7: sew around the edges (5/8 inch seam allowance), but don’t sew the now 1/2 circle in your fabric
Step 8: trim the edges, and cut on the diagonal at the corners for crisper corners
Step 9: turn the right side out
Step 10: iron the edges
Step 11: top stitch around the edges, keeping that 1/2 open
Step 12: pin the bias tape around the 1/2 circle
Step 13: zig zag stitch the bias tape closed, while stitching around the 1/2 circle.

God, I hope that makes sense.  Then, about an hour later you get this…  a Batman cape.

pic: Cape with bad smile

pic: Cape front

pic: Cape back

Technically, you have enough fabric to make 2 capes.  But now, he wants a mask.  Should have looked for a pattern.  Back to the fabric store for me.  I bet I’m going to need facing.

Hope you were crafty today!

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